Thoughts as a tool for wellbeing

There is an amazing two-way communication system going on between our body and mind that affects both our physical state and our mental and emotional health. We all know the feeling of our heart beating faster when we sit for a job interview or meet someone we want to impress. Our heart is beating faster due to the stress hormones that are being released due to our thoughts. The activation of fight, flight or freeze kicks into gear. The more we are fearful or excited about something the more hormones we release. These responses are normal and are a part of how we experience ourselves in the world in which we live.

What we know is that our positive thoughts and mood have positive effects on our body. For example, the release of the feel good hormones like endorphins, experiencing aliveness and contentedness. The opposite is also true; our negative thoughts and mood have negative effects on our body. For example overwhelm, tiredness and sadness.

The rollercoaster ride

Firstly, we should be aware of and expect these experiences of our high’s and low’s in our thoughts and mood and know how these feel in our body. Experience and feel the changes that take place; the joy, the sadness, the overwhelm and the excitement. Then we should know how to moderate and manage them so as we don’t experience extreme overwhelm, over stimulation or sadness, and irritability.

We can seek to control and influence our thoughts and mood. This is easier and more authentic if we are aware of how we experience our emotions and body sensations. If we want to harness more positive thoughts, which ultimately leads to greater wellbeing and longevity, we need to make conscious decisions as well as to take action to ensure that we take care of all the facets of ourselves; the mind, body and spirit.

Psychotherapy as a tool for self-empowerment

Psychotherapy focuses on the mind and the responses in the body as a tool for understanding emotions. Through this awareness, you can become conscious  of your response when these emotions and feelings arise. Gaining control over our emotional response helps us feel empowered in life and thus we can approach life proactively.

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Thoughts as a tool for wellbeing